Kelli & Spencer { Kaloya Regional Park}

Getting a referral is one of the high forms of a compliment that I can get!!! Kelli first contacted me letting me know her best friend, who also happened to be one of my past clients, had recommended me. As we emailed back and forth I quickly became super excited about meeting Kelli & Spencer. Anticipation was building the closer we came to the engagement session. When we met at their family cabin for their engagement photos I instantly loved them and realized I was working with a truly wonderful couple and this wedding was going to be INCREDIBLE!!! It was just natural and easy…they were so real and fun with each other and just trusted me being 100% game for anything. That trust continued through the wedding! It was so wonderful to have full creative freedom with such a fun and beautiful wedding party…with an incredible couple!!!

So much of “them” came to life on their wedding day! Their families were beautifully united, their history as a couple was represented, their vision was created and it was a day that no one will forget!! soo soo soo much love!!! The whole night was just electric, really! Such incredible energy, and fun being had everywhere! Kelli and Spencer I am honour to have had the opportunity to get to know the two of you! Your day was incredible and i hope it was everything you both dreamed that it would be!!!! I wish you a lifetime of soo soo soo much love!!!


Ceremony – Kaloya Regional Park

Reception – Camelot Wines

Makeup – Delta Grand Hotel

Tent/Tables/ Accessories: Avalon Event Rentals

Photobooth: Engaged Films

Catering: Yamas Taverna