I’ve learned what inspires me and what I am passionate about


I am not another hired vendor or someone who is in the background on your wedding day. And you’re not just my client. I am holding your dress, helping with boutonnieres, keeping track of your timeline, pouring or getting drinks/shots. Making sure no one has lipstick on their teeth, I’ll dance on the dance floor at one point with everyone and will give you the biggest hug at the end of the night. More than likely I’ll cry at least once during your day. This is more than just providing a service for my couples and being on my way. I am invested in your story and want to be with you during every intimate moment on your big day.

Average Investment $4900



I want you to fall in love with moments, forget what you think the photo should look like and just enjoy the moment with those you love. These are the sessions where we’ll be in your home and getting cozy, wandering in at some remote location, or pretty much anywhere your heart desires, the world is ours. I can promise you it will be a fun adventure, mixed with some hugs, snuggles, laughs and good times.

Includes engagement, anniversary, and couple photos.

Average Investment $600.00



A day as unique as your finger print. We celebrate your love in the purest form, away from distractions, phones, chaos, timelines – to be with each other and tell one another your dreams and promises!! Maybe you’re surrounded by your closest family and friends or maybe its only the two of you. The day is set by your terms. The possibilities are endless! For those of you who want to pack away your dress in a backpack and climb to the top of a mountain or stay in a cabin all weekend or run away to some special place all your own, this one’s for you.

Average Investment $1800.00



To me, Lifestyle Family Photography means straying away from the stiff, more traditional portraits that might come to mind. Forget what you think the photos should look like, and instead focus on the moments, the connections. My goal is not the perfect pose with everyone smiling (though I will always snap those too), but rather capturing authentic images of your family. Think less of what your family looks like; this is me providing more of a glimpse into who you ARE as a family. All the chaos, love, laughs, and tiny mundane moments—the real fuels my fire.

Average Investment $600


I take a limited number of weddings per year. I truly want to be there 100% for each of my couples. I’ve learned how important it is for me to take the time to get to know them and make sure we are a good fit. They are not just another booking to me, I am invested in their story and I will work my ass off for them, because their journey becomes a part of mine.